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Services for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (STEM) include:

  • Assistance in Writing Proposals for External Funding
  • Program Evaluation
  • Educational Consulting
  • STEM Curriculum Development
  • Se habla español.


Elaine Hampton, Ph.D., retired Associate Professor and Department Chair of Teacher Education at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), was a fellow at the NSF evaluation training at Western Michigan University, has evaluated education-related grants at New Mexico State University and University of Texas at El Paso, and has worked closely with evaluators on large projects including New Mexico’s NSF State Systemic Initiative, New Mexico’s Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Education, and UTEP’s Teachers for a New Era.


Research highlights:

Mixed methods research on effects of the high-stakes testing in Angela Valenzuela’s, Leaving Children Behind: Why Texas-Style Accountability Fails Latino Youth.  Examined concept development for young children in dual language science classrooms. Qualitative studies in schools in communities in Mexico where families have relocated to work in U.S. factories and the added stress placed on those schools. 




External Evaluator   Ngage New Mexico Education Initiative for Doña Ana County, NM. W.K.Kellogg Foundation funded program.


Project Evaluator UTEP NSF 10-561 GSE/RSE Latinas in Computer Science and Engineering,


Project Evaluator UTEP NSF 12-525 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Capacity Building: Preparing Teacher-Engineers for21st Century Engineering


CoPI and Curriculum Writer for UTEP-CERM/EPISD Buen Ambiente, Buena Salud, USMexico Border Environmental Education, Outreach and Support Program


Project Evaluator NMSU NSF NOYCE Teacher Scholarship. NMSU STEM Education Outreach Center.                                                                            





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